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key influences


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key influences
  1. health and well being
    1. illness
      1. illnesses can prevent some people from exceeding in a sport, for example Asthma cannot be cured and loads of people have this.
    2. resources
      1. avalibility
        1. some people might have to go out of thier way to get to the sporting places.
        2. time
          1. some people might not have time to partipate in sprts because it doesnt fit around thier schedual.
          2. access
            1. people might not be able to access the places because of driving and road spaces.
            2. location
              1. if somoneloved in the countryside they might have to travel a great distance to the city.
            3. cultural
              1. gender
                1. different genders have more dominant sports for example football is usually played by men rather than women.
                2. age
                  1. specific age groups have different categories for the availability to do certain sports, girls in year 7 cant do 400 meters, they can only do 300.
                  2. race
                    1. certain races have a genetic advance from others because of the places they are originated from, jamaican's and African's are better at sprinting than swimming.
                    2. disability
                      1. seeing others with the same disability's or any disability's can make them want to participate in sports because it challenges them, wheelchair basketball is a popular sporting activity.
                    3. image
                      1. fashion
                        1. certain sports wear for example NIKE can have an influence on peoples perspective in sports because of their slogan.
                        2. media
                          1. media influences people because of the publicity sports persons get.
                        3. people
                          1. family
                            1. brother, sister, mum or dad can play a certain sport which can influence you to do that sport yourself.
                            2. peers
                              1. friends can have an impact on you allowing you to have the opportunity to join the same sport.
                              2. role models
                                1. certain mediated people can influence others to join a sport which they play because they;'re famous for it.
                              3. socio-economic
                                1. status
                                  1. some of the sporting might not seem appropriate
                                  2. cost
                                    1. coast of clubs and sporting availability can be expensive and can put people off from going.
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