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Operating systems


This is about what operating systems do.
Blake Finnerty
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Blake Finnerty
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Operating systems
  1. Booting the computer
    1. Booting is a sequence that every computer does to boot up the computer and the operating system. Every computer has a in built boot up sequence. This sequense starts to happen when you power up the computer.
    2. User Interface
      1. There are two types of user interface text user interfaces (TUI) and graphical user interfaces (GUI). A GUI lets you see the tasks you are performing. Where as TUI is just commands.
      2. File Management
        1. Operating systems have soft wear programs which help us sort and view ours files. This allows us the delete, view, copy, edit and move the files.
        2. Basic computer tasks
          1. Some of a operating basic tasks are controlling the printers and scanners. Helps with the memory use in programs. Keeps the security of the user and access rights. Responds to errors. It runs the whole computer.
          2. System reasources
            1. The system resource is all the things the computer has in its arsenal. Any hard wear or soft wear that the computer can use is a resource. A CPU is a resource just like a program would be.
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