Self Study Project

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Self Study Project for Mcllwain class

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Self Study Project
  1. Knowledge of Diversity
    1. What is Language Acquisition?
      1. the process by which humans acquire the capacity to identify and know language, as well as to produce and use words and sentences to communicate
        1. Vocabulary
          1. Syllables
            1. Grammar
          2. How can I learn different backgrounds of my students?
            1. Ask them to write about it
              1. Journal
                1. Post it where everyone can learn about each other
                2. Lesson plan about the classroom cultures
                  1. Paint Pictures
                    1. Read books about different cultures
                      1. Bring in food from different cultures
                        1. bring something in to describe their family
                          1. Artifacts
                            1. Pictures
                      2. Knowledge of Content
                        1. How do we know Students are learning?
                          1. They are fully engaged
                            1. Feedback from parents and students
                              1. Students are able to understand what they are learning
                                1. Assessments
                                  1. Data Collected
                                    1. Through Lesson Plans
                                      1. Tests
                                        1. Observing
                                        2. Observation Survey
                                          1. Running Records
                                            1. Concept of Print
                                              1. Hearing & Sounds
                                          2. How does the teacher imply all the needed standards into the lesson plan
                                            1. Need to know what concept/skill teachers want students to learn
                                              1. Standards need to be integrated into text/materials
                                                1. Make sure standards focus on what type of learning students will get from lesson plan
                                                  1. Make sure objectives connect to standards
                                                    1. Common core
                                                      1. Formative Assessments
                                                        1. Variety of methods that teachers use to evaluations of students
                                                          1. Observations
                                                            1. CAP
                                                              1. Running Records
                                                              2. Discussions
                                                      2. Knowledge of Teaching & Learning
                                                        1. What tools can I use to motivate the learners?
                                                          1. Give students a sense of control
                                                            1. Offer varied experiences
                                                              1. Child instructed lesson
                                                                1. Give students a chance to feel included
                                                                2. Pick Learning centers
                                                                3. Know the students
                                                                  1. Tools to help them
                                                                    1. Weaknesses
                                                                      1. Strengths
                                                                        1. Know their interests
                                                                          1. Spend time with them
                                                                          2. Safe Enviroment
                                                                            1. Feel Supportive
                                                                              1. Free to discuss whatever
                                                                              2. Makes things fun
                                                                                1. Feedback
                                                                                  1. Chance to improve
                                                                                    1. Tracks Progress
                                                                                      1. Students can see how far they've come
                                                                                      2. Let's students know where they are and what they need to learn
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