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superficial venous drainage of the upper miebro


drenaje miembro superior
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superficial venous drainage of the upper miebro
  1. Venous blood from the upper extremities is drained from the hand , forearm and arm to the right or left subclavian vein leading to the upper ends and this cava in the right atrium and the left ventricle will be oxygenate the lungs before being pumped again.
    1. The deoxygenated blood is collected by numerous small veins of the hand that flow into the deep venous arch and dorsal hand vein .
      1. Venous networks hand give rise to several main trunks , which conviertren in trunk collectors forearm veins ::
        1. -Vena Basilica or ulnar surface , runs along the medial border of the anterior forearm .
          1. Vein medium. The median forearm vein drains the palmar venous plexus and ascondas in the middle of the forearm. It can drené basilica on the medium in the cephalic medium , or both.
            1. Deep Brachial. Brachial artery, also known as brachial artery is the artery of the arm. It is the continuation of the artery axilar renamed to brachial or humeral from the bottom edge of the pectoralis majar muscle after crossing the teres major . Continues its path downward
              2. -Accessory cephalic vein. Is a vein that originates from the ulnar part of the backbone of the hand and goes up through the forearm to join the cephalic vein itself said , just above the elbow You can also originate from a small tributary veins plexus located in the back of the forearm.
              3. The venous drainage of the arm brings us to the axillary vein , the most important of the upper extremity , formed by the union of the deep brachial and basilica.
                1. Finalmente, la vena axilar drena su contenido a la vena subclavia que como señalamos anteriormente lleva su sangre a la cava superior y de ésta al corazón.
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