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Battle Success/Failure


Battles Mind Map
Samiha Hussain
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Samiha Hussain
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Battle Success/Failure
  1. Gallipoli
    1. Failures
      1. It was an unsuccessful attempt by the Allied Powers to control the sea route from Europe to Russia
        1. Allied forces had suffered heavy casualties
          1. The Battle started in 1915 and evacuation had to begin in December of the same year. Evacuation was finally completed in January 1916
          2. Success
            1. Quite literally, nothing at all. Nothing was gained yet there were many casualties among allied forces
          3. Flanders
            1. Success
              1. 1,500 Germans were killed and 600 taken prisoner.
                1. The arrival of the Americans into the war in 1917, hastened the defeat of the Germans
                2. Failures
                  1. British nor the Germans could claim to control the area due to fierce fighting
                    1. The first battle at Ypres was halted due to bad weather
                      1. In the second battle, Germans introduced poisonous gas which took the lives of many French soldiers
                      2. There were three battles in ypres
                    2. Somme
                      1. Succees
                        1. The allies gained 7 miles.
                          1. • The Battle of the Somme lowed Germany from invading Paris
                          2. Failures
                            1. The preliminary artillery bombardment warned the enemy which gave them plenty of time to prepare for attack.
                              1. The German dugouts were well constructed and heavily fortified. They were able to shelter in their underground bunkers in relative safety until the infantry attack started.
                                1. Many British shells failed to explode so many German defences were left untouched
                                  1. When the men went over-the-top at 7:30 am on 1st July, aproximately 70,000 men were killed on the first day
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