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Unit 4


Paula Mardones
Mind Map by Paula Mardones, updated more than 1 year ago
Paula Mardones
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Unit 4
  1. Present Continuous
    1. Talks about things that are happening now
      1. +, -, ? use a verb + ing
        1. He's travelling to Viña
          1. They aren't speaking English
            1. Is he doing his homework?
        2. Be going to
          1. Future plans
            1. Am / Is / Are + going to + verb (infinitive)
              1. They are going to stay here for two nights
                1. She isn't going to come to class
                  1. Are you going to go to Valpo?
            2. Predictions
              1. Am / Is / Are + going to + verb (infinitive)
                1. I'm going to have fun at the party
                  1. It isn't going to rain tonight
                    1. What's going to happen?
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