Hardware and Software

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Hardware and Software used with a computer

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Hardware and Software
1 Hardware
1.1 Hardware for physically disabled
1.1.1 Puff-suck Either suck or puff on the tube to use it. Specialist software converts it into the computer
1.1.2 Braille printer Prints out braille, Raised dots on a paper used for blind people to read.
1.1.3 Microphone A microphone is used for people who find it hard to type. The user speaks clearly into the mic and it converts it to text ion the computer
1.2 Input and Output Devices
1.2.1 Input Mouse Used as a pointer and clicker. A mouse is used to point at what you want and to select it with the click function. Keyboard Used to type out commands and also words used to communicate. Web camera Can be used as a pointer and clicker such as an Xbox Kinect
1.2.2 Output Printer It can turn words from a computer into words on a page. Speaker Can be used to convert music on your computer to music that everyone can hear. Can also be used to speak the words you have just typed. Moniter Shows you what you are doing on your computer. It displays everything that you have open.

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