GCSE Combined Science

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Mind Map overview of GCSE Combined Science curriculum

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GCSE Combined Science


  • https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/441761/Combined_science.pdf Combined Science guidelines
1 Physics
1.1 Atomic structure
1.2 Energy
1.3 Magnetism and electromagnetism
1.4 Electricity
1.5 Light and electromagnetic waves
1.6 Forces
1.7 Forces and motion
1.8 Waves in matter
1.9 Particle model of matter
2 Chemistry
2.1 Structure bonding and the properties of matter
2.2 Energy changes in chemistry
2.3 The rate and extent of chemical change
2.4 Chemical and allied industries
2.5 Atomic structure and the periodic table
2.6 Earth and atmospheric science
2.7 Chemical analysis
2.8 Chemical changes
3 Biology
3.1 Cell biology
3.2 Health, disease and the development of medicines
3.3 Co-ordination and control
3.4 Photosynthesis
3.5 Inheritance, variation and evolution
3.6 Ecosystems
3.7 Transport systems

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