Julius Caesar

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Character Map of Julius Caesar By Shakespeare

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Julius Caesar
1 Brutus
1.1 Portia
1.1.1 Is Brutus's wife she wants Brutus to tell he what secret he is keeping from her because she is his wife not a harlot she also stabs herself in the leg to prove that she is strong enough to handle it
1.2 Is Caesars good friend but he fears Caesar will let the power go to his head if becomes king so he helps the conspirators kill Caesar
2 Antony
2.1 Is Caesars friend he is part of the conspirators but after Caesar dies he pins the Roman people against the conspirators and takes a place of power afterwards
3 Calphurnia
3.1 is Caesar's wife had a nightmare about Caesar getting killed the night before it happened she tried to make him stay home
4 Cassisus
4.1 Is the one to round people up and get them to go against Caesar he is envious of the way people treat Caesar and says he is just as good as Caesar why is Caesar treated like a God
5 Octavius
5.1 Is Caesar's adoptive son and is traveling for most of the play but is back when the assassination happens then he joins forces with Antony
6 Soothsayer
6.1 Warns Caesar "beware the ides of march" but no one listens to him
7 Cinna (Conspirator)
7.1 Schemes with Cassius towards the start of the play to come up with how to convince Brutus to agree to go against Caesar
8 Cinna (Poet)
8.1 Is confused with the other Cinna who is a conspirator and is killed after the assassination
9 Flavious & Murellus
9.1 Are the first two people in the play and set the tone of distrust towards Caesar when they tell the conspirators they to stop cheering for the defeat of pompey when you have no reason to dislike pompey
10 Casca
10.1 Is a conspirator and think Caesar acts like his position is a part in a play and all of Rome is his audience
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