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Julius Caesar


Some characters from Julius Caesar
Sarah Webber
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Julius Caesar
  1. Julius Caesar
    1. Julius Caesar was a Roman general and senator who returns back to Rome after a military campaign. Caesar, during the story, will ignore threats made against his life because he believes he is "as eternal as the North Star,". Caesar is eventually killed and some of the conspirators are Brutus, Cassius, Trebonius, and Decius Brutus.
    2. Brutus
      1. Brutus was a supporter of the republic and a friend of Caesar. Brutus was apart of Caesar's murder, but says that although he loved Caesar, he loved Rome more. Brutus is friends with the conspirators of Caesar's murder.
      2. Antony
        1. Antony and Caesar were friends and after Caesar's death, Antony talked at his funeral. At first after Caesar's death, Antony joins Brutus and the others to save his own life. Later on, as shown at the funeral, Antony tries to persuade the audience to withdrawal from Brutus
        2. Portia
          1. Portia was Brutus's wife and eventually commits suicide out of grief. Portia doesn't have particularly any friends nor ememies.
          2. Calphurnia
            1. Calphurnia was Caesar's wife and warns Caesar about going to the Senate, where he is murdered. Calphurnia doesn't have any true enemies except for possibly Decius Brutus, who had to make sure that Caesar arrived at the Senate.
            2. Cassius
              1. Cassius was a general and friend of Caesar. Cassius is upset that Caesar has become Godlike to the citizens. Cassius is the one who planted the idea of replacing Caesar in Brutus's head. Cassius doesn't get along with Caesar and his associates.
              2. Casca
                1. Casca was another citizen who opposed Caesar. He relates to Brutus and Cassius in the way they think about Caesar. This leads him to eventually joining the conspiracy to kill Caesar.
                2. Octavius
                  1. Octavius was Caesar's adopted son and was often away traveling. When he heard news of Caesar's death, he returned home and joined forces with Antony against Brutus and the others. Octavius wasn't friends with Brutus and the conspirators who killed his father.
                  2. Soothsayer
                    1. The soothsayer warned Caesar to "beware the Ides of March" which shows foreshadowing for what will happen in the future. The soothsayer doesn't have any real friends or enemies, he's just there to provide this small bit of information.
                    2. Cinna (the Conspirator)
                      1. Cinna (the Conspirator) helps Cassius scheme on how to get Brutus to join in on going against Caesar. Cinna plays an important role later on, he plants fake documents in Brutus's room to push Brutus to join. Cinna (the Conspirator) is friends among Cassius and the others.
                      2. Cinna (the Poet)
                        1. Cinna (the Poet) is mistaken to be Cinna the Conspirator when a mob confronts him. Due to this, Cinna the Poet dies that day by the mob for his "bad verses".
                        2. Flavius
                          1. Flavius was a tribune and was the one who had shamed the citizens for cheering for Caesar when they had just been cheering for Pompey. Flavius played along with removing the decorations.
                          2. Murellus
                            1. Murellus was a tribune along with Flavius who codemns the citizens for cheering for two different people. He gets along with the same people as Flavius
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