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Stylistic features of Alvin Ailey


A-Level Dance (AAADT) Mind Map on Stylistic features of Alvin Ailey, created by Luke Thompson on 11/23/2015.
Luke Thompson
Mind Map by Luke Thompson, updated more than 1 year ago
Luke Thompson
Created by Luke Thompson over 6 years ago

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Stylistic features of Alvin Ailey
  1. Styles
    1. Jazz
      1. Broadway
        1. Modern
          1. Horton
            1. Graham
              1. Dunham
              2. Ballet
                1. Social dance
                  1. Ballet bottom and horton top
                  2. Physical setting
                    1. Costume
                      1. Every dancer has a unqiue costume
                        1. Helps show character, setting time or era
                          1. Flowers- Jumpsuit helps show the 60s
                      2. Set
                        1. minimal and abstract
                        2. Props
                          1. Heavily used- often symbolic or helps show character
                            1. Wade in the water- Unberella shows the priest
                          2. Lighting
                            1. Tends to be used to show the time of day- Revelations and For birds- with love
                          3. Aural Setting
                            1. Mainly direct correlation or Music visualisation
                              1. Sometimes syncopation and counterpoint is used
                              2. Like to use gospel or blues/jazz music
                                1. This help show his childhood memories and heritage
                                2. Ailey liked to use Duke Ellington's music
                                3. Choreographic devices
                                  1. Repetition of Motifs
                                    1. Motif Development
                                      1. Transitions- Cry
                                        1. Use of Broadway Climaxes - sometimes used as fake cliamxs- Blue Suites
                                        2. Choreographic process
                                          1. Creates a section
                                            1. Develops it to suits the dancer
                                            2. Reforms the piece every time they are reperformed
                                            3. Subject Matter
                                              1. Blood memories
                                                1. Childhood- texas- Blues suite
                                                  1. Faith- Revelations
                                                  2. African Heritage
                                                    1. Civil rights
                                                      1. Slavery- Cry
                                                        1. Not overally political
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