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Much Ado About Nothing


This map is about the characters of Much Ado About Nothing.
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Much Ado About Nothing
  1. Leonato is Hero's uncle/guardian and Beatrice's uncle. He is connected with Claudio because Hero & Claudio want to get married.
    1. Hero is Leonato's niece, Beatrice's cousin and Claudio's fiancé.
      1. Claudio is Hero's fiancé and Benedick's friend
        1. Ursula is one of Hero's maids and helped Hero to get Beatrice to fall in love with Benedict.
          1. Margret is Hero's gentle woman and carried out the crime with Borachio to get people to think that Hero is a stale.
            1. Borachio Pretended to be with Hero to get people to think she cheated on Claudio because Don John was going to pay him money
        2. Beatrice is Leonato's niece, Hero's cousin and is in love with Benedick
          1. Benedick is in love with Beatrice and is Claudio's and Don Pedro's friend.
          2. Don Pedro is the price and Don John's brother. He is staying at Leonato's
            1. Don John is Don Pedro's brother and wants to ruin Claudio and Hero's marriage. He is friends with Borachio
              1. Dogberry is the policemen that arrested Borachio and Comrade because he heard them talking about the plot when Hero is supposed to cheat on Claudio
                1. Conrade is Helping Barachio commit the crime so Claudio will falsely accuse Hero of not being pure.
                2. Antonio is Hero's uncle and Leonato's brother
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