Chomp by Carl Hiaasen

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Chomp by Carl Hiaasen
  1. Main Conflict
    1. Mickey Cray and his son Wahoo have agreed to help with the production of Expedition Survival staring Derek Badger, a phony survialist and a pain in the butt. While shooting, Derek is bit by a bat and becomes crazy and runs off in to the everglades. The search is on to find Derek Badger. As if that wasn't enough trouble, the girl from school that Wahoo brought along has a father that was always drunk and was quick to hit and the man has shown up at the everglades to take her home. Wahoo and the girl hide in the glades ,but the man takes Mickey Cray hostage and damands Mickey to find his daughter at gunpoint. Can the problems be fixed without anyone being hurt?
      1. All this started when the Cray family started to run out of money. Derek Badger needed an animal wrangler for the production of Expedition survival and so he hired the Crays. Derek Badgers crew shot a few scenes at the Crays house where there were different animals, but then Derek Badger, an untrained survivalist, wanted to shoot for real with untrained animals in the everglades.
      2. Characters
        1. Wahoo Cray
          1. Compassionate
            1. Brave
            2. Derek Badger
              1. Selfish
                1. Bossy
                2. Mickey Cray
                  1. Intelligent
                    1. Independent
                  2. Theme
                    1. Message/Theme: One of the messages in the book Chomp is that animals and nature are important.
                      1. The message is shown by Derek Badger eating animals for show not because he is actually hungry. Mickey Cray finds this wrong, having tons of animals himself, and shows and explains it to his son, Wahoo.
                      2. Setting
                        1. Everglades, Florida
                          1. Modern Time
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