Human Information Interactions

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human information interactions

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Human Information Interactions
  1. Reference Interview
    1. Steps to Conduct the Interview
      1. be approachable
        1. show interest
          1. listen
            1. verify and rephrase for confirmation
            2. inquire
              1. use open ended questions
                1. use clarifying questions
                2. search
                  1. followup
                  2. Technologies for Interviews
                    1. email
                      1. all text based interactions should keep in mind finding ways to express approachability and interest
                      2. social media
                        1. online chat (text)
                          1. phone
                          2. Populations with Diverse Needs
                            1. Children
                              1. Seniors
                                1. Teens
                                  1. Special Needs
                                    1. language issues
                                      1. visual impariment
                                        1. hearing problems
                                        2. Patrons in Crisis
                                          1. engage but don't "solve"
                                            1. teach info evaluation skills
                                              1. encourage using info management tools
                                                1. demonstrate social respect
                                            2. Measuring Information Seeking Behavior
                                              1. Multidimensional Analysis
                                                1. Cognitive Work Analysis
                                                  1. task being performed
                                                    1. environment performed in
                                                      1. reasons or motivations for seeking the info
                                                        1. perceptual, cognitive, ergonomic attributes of person seeking the info
                                                      2. One Dimensional Analysis
                                                        1. Psychological Approach
                                                          1. stages in solving a problem
                                                            1. task complexity
                                                              1. how cognition effects info behavior
                                                              2. Social Approach
                                                                1. how social, organizational and political states effect info behavior
                                                                  1. only describes one groups behavior
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