Distribution of the product

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distribution of the product

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Distribution of the product
1 Cinema Distribution
1.1 Posters
1.2 Trailers on Youtube
1.3 Self Distribution
2 Distribution in the Industry
2.1 Festivals
2.1.1 Canada International Film Festival
2.1.2 DC Shorts Film Festival
2.1.3 Woodstock Film Festival
2.1.4 Glasgow
2.1.5 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
3 Professional Distribution
3.1 Professional Distributors will watch your film and if they feel that it will do well they may offer to market it for you.
3.2 The same process as industry and self distribution is needed to gain a professional distributors attention
3.2.1 Posters, Trailers etc.
3.2.2 Meetings
3.2.3 Festivals
3.2.4 Social Media
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