Being intentional in teaching

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Self-study project CTRD 3000

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Being intentional in teaching
  1. Content
    1. What are strategies for students to learn when decoding?
      1. Meaning
        1. Content
          1. What would make sense?
            1. Think about the story
            2. Pictures
              1. What does the picture tell you?
                1. At higher levels of text the pictures help less and less with specifics in a story.
                2. Does it make sense?
                3. Structure
                  1. Grammar
                    1. What would sound right?
                    2. ESL difficulty
                      1. Additional tailored curriculum
                        1. Other school resources that are available should be utilized to gain assistance with english language learners.
                        2. Does it sound right?
                        3. Visual
                          1. Letter structure
                            1. What letter comes first?
                              1. What sound comes first?
                              2. Word structure
                                1. Get your mouth ready.
                                2. Does it look right?
                            2. Diversity
                              1. What should I know about a student and their culture to tailor curriculum?
                                1. Parents
                                  1. SES
                                    1. Parent education level and opportunities for parent education
                                      1. Parent Newsletters
                                      2. Reading at home to help children become more comfortable with text
                                        1. Sharing observations and documentation of a child's learning with parents
                                          1. Community influence
                                          2. Community
                                            1. SES
                                              1. Language barrier
                                                1. Parents and child
                                                  1. ESL resources within my school
                                                  2. Public displays of documentation
                                                  3. Personal Student Interest
                                                    1. Book selection
                                                      1. Both level and topic
                                                      2. Selected writing prompt that interests the child and allows them creative ability
                                                  4. Pedagogy
                                                    1. How do I analyze an assessment to create more detailed instruction?
                                                      1. Observation Survey
                                                        1. Running Records
                                                          1. Errors
                                                            1. Certain percentage achieved to move on to the next level of books
                                                            2. Self-corrections
                                                              1. Strategies used (M,S,V)
                                                                1. Which strategies do students use a lot?
                                                                  1. Which strategies is the student not using?
                                                                  2. Prompting
                                                                    1. The Prompting Guide
                                                                      1. Try that again
                                                                        1. You can fix that
                                                                      2. Strategic Reading Behavior
                                                                      3. Concepts about Print
                                                                        1. Hearing sounds
                                                                          1. Phonological Awareness
                                                                            1. Sound Boxes
                                                                              1. Word/Letter Work
                                                                            2. Writing
                                                                              1. Interactive Writing
                                                                                1. Conveying Ideas through writing. Build spacing and concepts about print and letter formation.
                                                                              2. Letter ID
                                                                                1. letter knowledge
                                                                                  1. k
                                                                                    1. Letter tiles
                                                                                      1. Whiteboard work
                                                                                    2. Word ID
                                                                                      1. Word knowledge
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