How to make a mind map

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Created by gregory.weinstei almost 6 years ago
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How to make a mind map
1 Don't Judge, Challenge, evaluate or criticize
1.1 Realize that mind mapping is something you are doing right now
1.1.1 For a certain defined period
1.1.2 Doing it before you move toward a resolution at the end
1.1.3 Feel comfortable realizing this is an important part of the process
1.1.4 Everything is fair game at this point
1.1.5 Primary criterion is expansion not contraction
2 Go for quantity not quality
2.1 Going for quantity keeps your thinking expansive
2.1.1 The greater the volume of thoughts you have to work with the better the context you can create for developing options and trusting your choices
3 Put analysis and organization in the background
3.1 Analysis and evaluation and organization of your thoughts is critical - BUT this is the next phase
3.1.1 This takes a back seat until you are done with brainstorming
3.2 During brainstorming make sure you grab all the issues that pop into your head
3.2.1 Keep going until you get into the weeding and organizing of focus which is the next stage

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