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  1. Corporate Creativity
    1. Results: 1.- Improvements 2.- Innovations
    2. Alignment
      1. To align a Company need 3 requirementes
        1. Clarity
          1. Initiative
            1. Responsability
          2. Self-initiated Activity
            1. Companies need to listen to their employees too
            2. Within Company Communication
              1. 3 ways to promote communication
                1. Opportinities
                  1. Comprehension
                    1. Cooperation
                  2. Diverse Stimuli
                    1. Rotate Employees = More Mental Models
                    2. Serendipity
                      1. It consists of 2 Characteristics: 1.-Sagacy 2.-Fortunate Accidents
                      2. Politics
                        1. The politics starts from us
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