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Technology in education.


Mapa conceptual de la tecnología en la educación.
Armando Salas
Mind Map by Armando Salas, updated more than 1 year ago
Armando Salas
Created by Armando Salas over 6 years ago

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Technology in education.
  1. Disadvantages
    1. Devices could be a distraction for younger people
      1. Not all the schools have access to technology
        1. Some people say that technology in not the best option
          1. It is hard to get the newest information fast
          2. Advantages
            1. Better results from students
              1. The process of learning becomes easier
                1. Better comprehension of the topics
                  1. Better retetion of information
                2. The newest information available for everyone
                  1. Students can learn at their own pace
                    1. More attractive classes for younger students
                      1. Generates knowledge
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