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Attributes of God


Outline of who needs to be covered in OCR Philosophy: Attributes of God
Shannon Paxton
Mind Map by Shannon Paxton, updated more than 1 year ago
Shannon Paxton
Created by Shannon Paxton over 6 years ago

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Attributes of God
  1. God as Omniscient
    1. Augustine
      1. Aquinas
        1. Schleiermacher
          1. Swinburne
            1. Boethius
            2. God as Eternal
              1. Swinburne
                1. Aquinas
                  1. Hartshorne
                    1. Boethius
                      1. Anthony Kenny
                        1. Anselm
                        2. God as Omnipotent
                          1. Descartes
                            1. Aquinas
                              1. Geach
                                1. Alvin Plantinga
                                2. God as Omnibenevolent
                                  1. Aquinas
                                    1. The Euthyphro Dilemma
                                    2. The views of Boethius
                                      1. Eternity
                                        1. Omniscience
                                          1. Free will, reward and punishment
                                          2. Should a good God reward and punish us?
                                            1. Boethius
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