Physics 2A Continued

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Physics 2A Continued
  1. Work and Potential Energy
    1. When a force moved on and object through a distance, energy in transferred and work is done
      1. Work done= Force x Distance
        1. Gravitational Potential Energy is energy due to height
          1. Gravitational Potential Energy = Mass x Gravitational Field x Height
          2. Kinetic Energy
            1. Kinetic Energy is energy of movement
              1. Kinetic Energy = 1/5 x Mass x Speed
                1. Kinetic Energy transferred is work done
                  1. 1/2mv = F x d
                    1. Falling objects convert Ep into Ek
                    2. Forces and Elasticity
                      1. Work done to an Elastic object is stored as Elastic Potential Energy
                        1. Extension of an Elastic object is Directly Proportional to Force
                          1. Force = Spring Constant x Extention
                            1. But it stops working when the force is too great
                              1. There is a maximum force that the Elastic object can take and still extend proportionally
                              2. Power
                                1. Power is the 'Rate of doing work' - i.e How much per second
                                  1. Power = Work done / Time Taken
                                    1. Power is measured in Watts (J/s)
                                      1. Calculating the power output is either the amount of Kinetic Energy gained or the amount of Potential Energy gained
                                      2. Momentum and Collisions
                                        1. Momentum = Mass x Velocity
                                          1. Momentum is the property of moving objects
                                            1. The greater the Mass of an object and the greater the Velocity, the more Momentum the object has
                                              1. Momentum before = Momentum after
                                                1. Forces cause changes in Momentum
                                                  1. A larger force means a faster change of momentum (so a greater acceleration)
                                                  2. Static Electricity
                                                    1. The build up of Static is caused by Friction
                                                      1. Only Electrons move, the negative charges never move
                                                        1. Like charges repel, opposite charges attract
                                                          1. Charges can move easily through Conductors
                                                          2. Current and Potential Difference
                                                            1. 1) Current- Rate of flow of electrons in a circuit
                                                              1. 2) Potential Difference- The driving force that pushes around the current
                                                                1. 3) Resistance- Slows down something in a circuit
                                                                  1. Total charge through a circuit depends on Current and Time
                                                                    1. Current = Charge / Time
                                                                      1. Potential Difference is the Work Done per unit charge
                                                                        1. P.D = Work Done / Charge
                                                                        2. Resistance
                                                                          1. Resistance increases with Temperature
                                                                            1. P.D = Current x Resistance
                                                                            2. Series Circuits
                                                                              1. 1) Potential Difference is shared
                                                                                1. 2) Current is the same everywhere
                                                                                  1. 3) Resistance adds up
                                                                                    1. 4) Cell Voltages add up
                                                                                      1. Ammeters are connected in series
                                                                                      2. Parallel Circuits
                                                                                        1. 1) P.D is the same across all components
                                                                                          1. 2) Current is shared between branches
                                                                                            1. Voltmeters are connected in parallel
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