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Transferable Business Skills


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Transferable Business Skills
  1. How will I develop COMMUNICATION?
    1. Always listen first before responding to ensure that there will be no confusion.
      1. Be empathetic and not so selfish' in conversations with peers/classmates. Work hard to understand other people's ideas and perspectives before rushing to state my own.
        1. Stay in tune with my own emotions and well - being in order to be more open in understanding others in both verbal and non - verbal communications.
          1. I intend to offer words of encouragement to the people I come in contact to, particularly at college currently. I believe that this will make them feel more welcome and appreciated when communicating with me, and in turn, make each of us feel more comfortable in discussions.
            1. I will try to make sure that when I am in a group conversation that I include everyone properly using the correct method of communication, especially body language. I say this as body language is something I must work on as I can get pre - judged badly due to showing off the wrong body language which could make people somewhat uncomfortable in my presence.
              1. Intend to communicate with people equally and treat them the same and avoid patronisation. This will build and develop people's trust and respect in me which is key in communication.
                1. I will intend to not send mixed messages - make every tone match to avoid confusion, otherwise inefficiency will be caused.
                  1. Make eye contact to portray genuine interest and make a conscious effort to talk with different ages of people to develop and show different kinds of communication and language.
                  2. How will I develop ORGANISATION?
                    1. Plan all work or tasks that need to be completed in date and therefore priority order.
                      1. I will not procrastinate over work as this will cause me extra stress and worry as well as enabling a larger workload later on,
                        1. I intend to always manage my time effectively.
                          1. I must examine the situation I am in firstly before deciding how I must organise it - work wise. This is very important because I need to know that when I make a plan to organise myself, that it will work in with my day - to - day life.
                            1. I will try to not maximise my tasks, but optimise them for better results.
                              1. I intend to continue to alienate myself from any distractions so that I can stay completely focused and fully organised.
                                1. Be time - driven - make time lines to complete certain tasks in order to stay on top of workloads.
                                2. How will I develop DECISIVENESS?
                                  1. I am extremely indecisive so the main way to develop decisiveness is to tell myself that I can be decisive and that i can make quick, fast decisions.
                                    1. Force myself to make fast decisions - about work and general day - to - day life; 'When will I complete this?' 'This task must be completed now' 'Choose this colour.' Doing this makes decisiveness easier as it becomes part of my daily routine and not something I need to think about often.
                                      1. Listen to my instincts.
                                        1. I will remind myself that there is no such thing as a bad decision - any decision will be of benefit as actions and intent will always beat inaction and slow decision making.
                                          1. Set myself time limits to make decisions by; this will further help me be more decisive.
                                            1. Remember: the faster the decision is made, the more productivity will occur. This will help me so much in work!
                                            2. How will I develop TEAM WORKING
                                              1. Ask questions to develop my own understanding.
                                                1. Caommunicate reasoning behind an idea effectively.
                                                  1. I intend to use the fact that we are goal interdependent (relying on each other whilst working towards the same goal) to help me work through group and team work.
                                                    1. Helping others by responding to their needs.
                                                      1. Allow everyone to contribute, do not always take lead.
                                                        1. Sustain enthusiasm and drive.
                                                          1. Split work evenly and do not allow overlap. I intend to make sure that everybody is doing some form of task Input and output have to be even as it will cause me, and others, less stress.
                                                            1. I will try to not blatantly dismiss someone's idea. Let them explain before I state my opinion.
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