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My Self Study


My graduate school Self Study for Reading Specialist
Molly McClellan
Mind Map by Molly McClellan , updated more than 1 year ago
Molly McClellan
Created by Molly McClellan over 6 years ago

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My Self Study
  1. Content: What vocabulary do I choose for my particular students in reading?
    1. Through data collection of each student, an educator can determine the level of need for vocabulary growth and knowledge.
      1. Understand the difference in tier I, II, and III vocabulary.
        1. Tier I- consists of the most basic words. These words rarely require direct instruction and typically do not have multiple meanings.
          1. Tier II- words that are used for most mature language speakers. They are used in many different domains and have multiple meanings. These words are important for readinf comprehension.
            1. Tier III- These are mainly academic words that need explicit and direct instruction and require practice and memorization.
            2. Collaboration: Teachers need to collaborate with other content area teachers to help teach and expose students to the same vocabulary for practice.
            3. Pedagogical: How do I motivate the unmotivated?
              1. Engaging students through choice of literature.
                1. Allow students to evaluate their interests through discussion and inventories.
                  1. Teachers need to be very culturally aware of each student. Text materials need to be relatable and give students buy in.
                  2. Using technology to reach these 21st century learners.
                    1. Teachers need to reflect upon how to deliver text in a way that engages the students.
                      1. Through the use of audiobooks, ebooks, and graphis/visuals, students will become more engaged in a text.
                      2. Foster a community of learners and readers.
                        1. Buy books for birthday gifts.
                          1. Bring in community to demonstrate and discuss the importance of being literate.
                            1. Encourage at home reading delivered by parents by showing support and building a relationship with the parents.
                              1. Make the environment safe for learners through choosing appropriately leveled texted.
                            2. Diversity: How can I incorporate more English Language acquisition in my class?
                              1. Materials need to relate to the student's culture and background.
                                1. Incorporate a lot of visuals and assistive technologies to assist in comprehension.
                                  1. Use visuals
                                  2. Collaborate with ESL teachers to bring in mew ideas and up to date strategies.
                                    1. Collaborate with all teachers.
                                      1. Collaborate with community
                                      2. Be conscientious of the vocabulary taught and how to represent each new word.
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