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English Literature > To Kill A Mockingbird > Themes

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  1. Jem and Scout
    1. develop an understanding of the Negroes hardships
      1. lessons taught by Atticus: "it is a sin to..." and "standing in someone else's shoes"
      2. black people
        1. Capurnia's large role in the Finch's household and her relationship with Atticus and the children
          1. white macomb residents have a lack of tolerance for people outside of steriotypes (e.g Boo, Dolphus Raymond and the back people
          2. the trial
            1. townsfolk becoming more tolerant of differences (e.g. jury time and mob dispersal)
              1. Jem and Scout sitting with the black people and welcomed by them
              2. outsiders
                1. Mrs Dubose' courage from her illness leads people such as Atticus to be tolerant of her rude behaviour
                  1. Jem and Scouts lack of understanding how brave she is
                  2. Maycombs view of Dolphus Reymond
                    1. Miss Caroline's lack of understanding of Macomb culture
                      1. hypocrisy of Macomb ladies discussing missionary work (ignoring the problems in their home town)
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