55. lost generation

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55. lost generation
1 Scott fitzgerald 1896-1940
2 MInnesota. boarding school. princenton. 1917 army. Zelda Sayre. postponed the weddiNg. - 1920 this side of paradise. 1925 The Great Gatsby. wreckless party & decandence. Z breakdown, battle alcoholism. Tender is The night. short stories support life style/ Saturday Evening post.
2.1 Works. The great Gatsby. Daysy tom Buchannam . imaginery green light, valley of ashes, dr eyes on the billboard God judging,
2.1.1 best chronicler of the America of 1920, an era he dubbed the JAZZ age. decadence of the upper class. no values. Money, opulence and exuberance were the order of the day
3.1 gertrude stein/ you are all a lost generation- to Ernest Heminway, who used the remark as a caption in his first novel
3.1.1 referts to a group of american writers born in the 1900- rebelled former values. SF, j S, EH, F , J dos pasos, 3 of them Nobel Prize desillusioned and traumatized about the ww1 and the crisis 1929 . expatriates london paris literary milieu and freer way of life they were lost uprooted, schooled away, wrenched away from any region or trad, lived in exile, their training didnt prepare them, wrong idea society and the writers place
4 JOHN STEINBECK 1902 1968
4.1 california. naturalist imaginary realism, regionalist Salinas Valley. wanderers. desperatly poor people, despite their circumstances often tryumph spiritually. The cup of Gold. Tortilla Flat.
4.1.1 Grapes of Wrath Joads. one leaves, one is killed, they find the murderer one kills him, they leave the murderer, they face starvation. of mice and Men/ dream farm. gets involved with their boss son girlfriend / she refuses despite flirting with him, he accidentally breaks her neck. flees. they find him. tries to calm him down repeating the description of their dream farm/ he shoots him on the head war propaganda Bombs away. viva zapata
5 First books reflect his life,tales of the Jazz Age, flappers and philosophers, the other side of paradise, the beauty and the damned
6 Ernest Heminway 1989 61
6.1 army refused his application poor eyesight. joined as an ambulance driver with the American REd Cross. was wounded by a mortal shell. spent 3 months in a hospital in MILAN. met his wife.
6.1.1 farewell to arms, the sun also rises, the old man and the sea, green hills of Africa, Death in the afternoon, shot himself .1961
7 Faulkner 1987 62
7.1 As I lay dying, The sound and the fury, the sanctuary, absalom absalom, the bear
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