To Kill A Mockingbird characters

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Ellie Lapage
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To Kill A Mockingbird GCSE English
To Kill A Mockingbird GCSE English
To Kill A Mockingbird GCSE English
To Kill A Mockingbird GCSE English
To Kill A Mockingbird characters
1.1 She is the narrator of the novel
1.1.1 tells the story of her childhood giving her own perspective on the Tom Robinson trial
1.2 she starts school for the first time (chapter 2)
1.3 discovers gifts hidden in the tree in chapter 4
1.4 She finds Atticus outside the jail and helps end a dangerous situation (chapter 15)
1.5 She is present at Tom Robinson's trial (chapters 17-21)
1.6 Scout performs in the halloween pageant and is attacked on the way home (chapters 28-29)
1.6.1 Boo Radley saves her
2.1 Jem is Scouts older brother
2.1.1 "He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody" chapter 12
2.2 "in all his life, Jem had never declined a dare" chapter 1
2.3 Cut off Mrs Dubose's camellias in chapter 11
2.4 idealistic and thoughtful, unlike Scout
2.5 Jen looks up to Atticus, he even wants to become a lawyer like him
2.5.1 "Jem was becoming almost as good as Atticus at making you feel right when things went wrong" chapterr 28
2.6 Harper-Lee implies that what has not been achieved by Atticus, will be achieved by Jem in the future. reassuring us there will be people like Atticus in the future.
3.1 The single parent of Jem and Scout, is Maycomb's lawyer, and defends a black man accused of rape.
3.2 He teaches his children important lessons such as seeing things in other people's points of view (chapter 3 )
3.3 He shoots a mad dog to protect the community in chapter 10
3.4 sits outside jail to protect Tom Robinson in chapter 15
3.5 Defends Tom Robinson - a black man accused of raping a white women (chapters 17-21)
3.6 He agrees to keep quiet about the incident with Bob Ewell (chapter 30)
4.1 Finch family cook
4.1.1 gained Atticus's respect as a "faithful family member" (chapter 14)
4.2 she represents the bridge between the white and black communities
4.3 she takes Scout and Jem to the black community church
4.4 Atticus chooses Calpurnia to accompany him when he has to tell Helen about Toms death
5.1 crucial in developing the themes and symbols of the novel
5.2 married to Helen with three children
5.3 polite and honourable
5.4 happy to help Mayella for no payment
5.5 Atticus proves Tom's innocence by drawing attention to his weakened eft arm
5.5.1 However, as a symbol of the black community, he is still found guilty
5.6 Tom tries to escape from jail and is shot in cold blood
5.6.1 Atticus said: "I guess Tom was tired of white men's chances and decided to take his own" - Chapter 24

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