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  1. Maths
    1. Xmas snakes and ladders
      1. Animal dot to dot
        1. Bauble counting numbers
        2. Literacy
          1. Write a letter to Santa
            1. Write a wish list
              1. Xmas cards
              2. Physical Development
                1. Cutting out snowflakes using scissors
                  1. Finger gym: baubles
                    1. Finger gym: Xmas tree
                      1. Cutting out masks
                        1. Cutting out split pin people
                          1. Wrapping presents
                          2. Expressive Arts
                            1. Nativity songs on CD player
                              1. Xmas wrapping paper
                              2. Understanding the World
                                1. Shaving foam in tough spot with animals
                                  1. Wooden Nativity
                                  2. Communication and Language
                                    1. Retell Xmas story
                                      1. Listening to Christmas stories
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