Customer Experience

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Customer Experience

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Customer Experience


  • Test
  1. Smart
    1. Expertise
      1. Demonstrate Knowledge
        1. Bring an outside perspective (Whitepapers, Other clients, ZS practice areas)
          1. Be knowledgeable and aware of latest happening's in client's world
            1. *Share insights from KOLs
            2. Provide effective and creative solutions
          2. Valued
            1. Empathy
              1. Listen actively and proactively address
                1. Respect individual viewpoints
                  1. Act in clients best interests
                    1. Be flexible with change request
                    2. Open communication
                      1. Try to meet in person
                        1. Regular one-on-one meetings
                        2. Always try to meet in person, instead of over the phone or email
                      2. Confident
                        1. Trustworthy
                          1. Provide Superior quality
                            1. No quality issues
                              1. Well thought through, concise but complete analysis
                                1. Dress well - be presentable
                                2. Be organized, timely and transparent
                                  1. Be prompt: Meeting notes, email replies, phone calls (over communication)
                                    1. Regular communication: Interim updates between meetings, regular weekly calls
                                      1. Open communication: ZS expertise (what we are good at and where other vendors could be better)
                                        1. Early and transparent communication on scope/cost/timeline implications
                                          1. Be on time and prepared for meetings
                                          2. Develop relationship and comfort level
                                            1. Monthly one-on-one lunch
                                        2. Empowered
                                          1. Collaborative
                                            1. Provide a strategic, holistic long-term perspective
                                              1. Review long term plan for the project and engagament
                                              2. Help clients create and own the idea/solution
                                                1. Create communication ready presentation for internal audience
                                                2. Reliable Partner
                                                  1. Impactful stroy telling (along with client)
                                                    1. *Use metaphors to explain complicated analytcis
                                                      1. Gather client ideas before finalizing the results
                                                      2. Be considerate about budget and effort (ZS as well as client)
                                                        1. Regularly share ideas on how to save budget
                                                          1. *Talk out of doing unnecessary work
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