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1 There must be...
1.1 something we OBJECT to
1.2 reasons we ACCEPT some thing that we DON'T LIKE
1.3 a LIMIT to what is ACCEPTABLE
1.3.1 e.g. incitement to harm/active discrimination
2 Applies to individuals but is an important political concept
2.1 e.g. expressions of sexuality, cultural/racial difference
3 The concept may be difficult to apply
3.1 May invite paradoxes
3.1.1 e.g. difficult to set a limit to tolerance without becoming intolerant
3.1.2 = an apparent contradiction
4 Child beauty pageants
4.1 Objections
4.1.1 teaches young girls to accept a stereotypical view of femininity
4.1.2 teaches that being 'feminine' needs to be worked at - girls are not naturally attractive
4.1.3 encouraged to develop a sexualised image at far too young an age
4.2 Acceptance
4.2.1 individuals (participants/their parents) have a right to express their tastes, values etc without government interference
4.3 Rejection
4.3.1 Limit = use of plastic surgery on children to enhance their appearance for this kind of purpose
5 What tolerance ISN'T
5.1 Indifference
5.1.1 would mean objection isn't present
5.1.2 we don't have to tolerate something we're indifferent to have no feelings towards that something neither objecting or approving
5.1.3 e.g. a person may choose not to smoke themselves but have no problem with others choosing to smoke
5.2 Indulgence
5.2.1 = favouring a person for no justifiable reason not the same as acceptance because we might not ACCEPT their behaviour
5.2.2 e.g. a teacher may have a "teacher's pet" who may get away with things such as talking in class which would usually result in punishment in this case this doesn't mean the teacher tolerates talking in class, they're simply indulging their favourite student
5.3 Powerlessness
5.3.1 = the inability to reject something/impose a limit
5.3.2 people may endure things they object to as they don't have the power to reject there's nothing they accept, they just can't do anything about it
5.3.3 e.g. victims of bullying don't tolerate bullying, they're just powerless to stop it

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