Healthy active lifestyle

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Healthy active lifestyle
  1. a lifestyle that contributes positively to physical, mental and social well-being and includes regular exercise and physical activity.
    1. physical
      1. contributes to good physical health
        1. physical challenge (can I do it?)
          1. increase fitness
            1. improve performance
              1. improve any of the health related exercise factors:
                1. cardiovascular fitness
                  1. muscular strength
                    1. muscular endurance
                      1. flexibility
                        1. body composition
                          1. body shaping depends on what exercises you prefer to do.
                          2. exploring the range of movement at a joint
                          3. working the muscles for a prolonged period of time
                          4. improving the muscles whilst participating in exercise
                          5. improving your cardiovascular fitness by working the muscles in the heart
                          6. training in different ways to improve
                          7. training most days will improve physical performance
                          8. exercise training anfdphysical activity can increase fitness
                          9. coming back into a sport after a long time can feel like an impossible task but the physical challenge can be very satisfying
                          10. people who are physically fitter usually cape better if they become ill.
                        2. social
                          1. mix with others
                            1. make new friends
                              1. meet current friends
                                1. develop teamwork/cooperation
                                  1. work with others
                                    1. working with others allows the individual too participate well in a group or individually
                                    2. many sports are played in teams , working in groups helps to improve teamwork and cooperation for everyday life.
                                    3. meeting with current friends allows the individual to participate with more enthusiasm rather than with a stranger
                                    4. making new friends allows the individual to explore new friendships
                                    5. mixing with others allows an individual to bond with other people doing the same sport
                                  2. mental
                                    1. relieve and/or prevent stress and tension
                                      1. mental challenge (can I do it)
                                        1. increase self-esteem and confidence
                                          1. help the individual feel good
                                            1. contribute to the enjoyment of life
                                              1. most people who practise some form of physical activity do it because they enjoy it.
                                              2. exercise can literally make you feel good, it produces sterotonin - 'the feel good' hormone. regular physical activity improves fitness and body shape and helps participants look and feel better
                                              3. many activities provide a physical challenge, overcoming such a challenge gives a sense of achievement which can lead to an increase of self-esteem and confidence
                                              4. the london marathon is a tough physical challenge but it is an equallly tough mental challenge - the thought of running 23 miles and 365 yeards
                                              5. physical activities provide a distraction from problems of daily life and can relief stress and tension caused by work, school or family pressures
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