healthy active lifestyle

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healthy active lifestyle
1 a lifestyle that contributes positively to physical,mental and social wellbeing, and includes regular exercise and physical activity
1.1 physical
1.1.1 contribute to good physical health people who are physically fitter usually cope better if they become ill recovery from illness is related to fitness
1.1.2 physical challenge coming back into a sport after a long time away can feel like an impossible task but this physical challenge can be very satisfying
1.1.3 increases fitness exercise can increase fitness muscles can be strengthen and becoming more flexible therefore becoming toned
1.1.4 improve performance training most days will improve fitness and performance
1.1.5 improve any of the health-related exercise factors:cardiovascular fitness,muscular strength,muscular endurance,flexibility,body composition by training in different ways to improve
1.2 social
1.2.1 mix with others working with people on a team
1.2.2 make new friends going into a new club sport meeting new people
1.2.3 meet current friends friends that you already know and going to there team in a sport
1.2.4 develop teamwork /cooperation working with other people to make the team better or win
1.2.5 work with others talkling and playing with people in a team
1.3 mental (psychological)
1.3.1 relieve and/or prevent stress and tension activities provide a distraction from problems of daily life
1.3.2 mental challenge thinking about what is going to happen or how to do something
1.3.3 increase self-esteem and confidence overcoming such a challenge gives a sense of achievement which can lead to increase self-esteem and confidence
1.3.4 help the individual feel good physical activity improves shape and releives stress so it make you feel good
1.3.5 contribute to enjoyment of life most people who practise some form of physical activity do so because they enjoy it
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