Real Life Validation

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Real life validation

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Real Life Validation
1 List check
1.1 Setting an alarm
1.1.1 When you set an alarm you have a list that you need to pick from, to stop the user from making up their own times
2 Type checks and presence checks
2.1 Computer: When you turn on your computer, it will usually ask for a password and a username to stop anyone without the information to be able to log on
2.1.1 This is both a Type check and a Prescense check, as it will check if the information you've inputted is correct and it will also check if you have inputted anything This could also link to your phone as you commonly have a password for that too, it may have a restriction on how many characters you can input( Field length check), for a example: On an iphone, you have to put 4 numbers into your pin
2.2 This would be the same with any log in pages
3 Questionaires: Questionaires could include A list check, Presence check and a type check. You'd have to input data like Age or Gender, which they may provide with a list or you may have to type it in yourself, As these are important bits of data, it would have a presence check on to make sure you have inputted the data.
4 Range check: A range check may be used in infortmation for work, if it stored how many hours you had worked, it may have a lock between certain hours that you have to enter
5 Phone numbers: A phone number is a example of an input mask as it will automatically put a space after a certain amount of numbers are inputted
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