First conditional

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Miranda  Hadëri
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Inglés English Mind Map on First conditional, created by Miranda Hadëri on 12/15/2015.

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First conditional
  1. if/unless+ S+ present simple/S+will/may+verb
    1. If she doesn´t like this dress, she may look for a new one
    2. We use it to express possibilities in the future
      1. unless=if+not


        • unless- if not. it is always used  with affirmative verbs
        1. Unless she tells the truth I won´t be her friend
          1. OR. If she doesn´t tell the truth, I won´t be her friend
        2. Provided that+S+present/S+will/may+verb


          • provided that- siempre y cuando
          1. Provided that he works hard, he will be able to get a promotion
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