Definition: Skills

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Definition: Skills
1 KM: Skills are abilities that students need to develop to succeed as a member of society. The skills needed for the 21st century are different to those of the past when a skills included a trade, following directions, being a hard worker, being honest, etc. To be successful in the 21st century, due to globalisation and continuous fast-pace of change, skills include critical and creative thinking, communication, being flexible, being able to take initiative, being able to lead and being IT literate. This means teachers/school must include these skills to assist students to become highly skilled and and successful in a highly competitive job market.
2 JH: Skills are abilities you learn that enable you to perform a task; skills are derived from knowledge.
3 SG: Skills are the physicality of actually completing a task.
4 KK: Skills are the tools that equip learners with the ability to problem solve and think abstractly. To acquire a skill set is paramount to truly and deeply understand what is learnt.
5 CC: Skills are acquisitions of knowledge that prepare students to be active members of a community.
6 FG: Skills are learnt experiences that can help us grow as individuals.
7 NB: Skills I feel are constructed and refined when teachers provide relevant, engaging experiences and activities based on students learning needs and interests.
8 SS: Skills are abilities and knowledge developed from shared learning and direction. Skills are the foundation of being an active member of society.
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