organ donation hfs

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organ donation hfs
1 Challenges
1.1 highest percentage of kidney failure
1.2 risks
1.2.1 Time lost from work
1.2.2 discomfort
1.2.3 pain
1.3 grieving families
2 Types of donating an organ
2.1 Donation after brain stem death
2.2 Living organ donation
2.3 Donation after circulatory death
3 Most common organs donated
3.1 From living donor
3.1.1 kidneys
3.1.2 a portion of the liver
3.2 From deceased donor
3.2.1 kidneys
3.2.2 pancreas
3.2.3 heart
3.2.4 liver
3.2.5 intestinal organs
4 Opportunities
4.1 save the life of a person
4.2 second chance at life
4.3 freedom from pain
4.4 charitable act
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