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Ellen Rita
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Uni Sustainable Manufacturing Mind Map on Greenwashing, created by Ellen Rita on 12/24/2015.

Resource summary

1 No Proof or Evidence
2 Scientific Jargon (overly technical language)
3 Just not credible
3.1 Greening a product does not make it safe (eco-friendly cigarettes
4 Best in Class
4.1 Claiming to be slightly greener than the competition, competition could be terrible.
5 Irrelevant Claims
5.1 Emphasis on one small green attribute, everything else is not green
6 Fluffy Language
6.1 No clear meaning (eco-friendly)
7 Green products, dirty company
7.1 Side line environmentally friendly product, mainly dirty products
8 Suggestive Pictures
8.1 Green images, indicate unjustified green image/impact
8.2 Flowers from an exhaust pipe
9 Lying
9.1 Totally fabricated claims
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