The Commonwealth

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The Commonwealth
1 What is it?
1.1 Voluntary association of 54 independent member states (mostly former British colonies); officially called "The Commonwealth of Nations"
1.2 Covers 30% of the world's population
1.3 covers 25% of the world's land area (spans all continents)
1.4 Organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat (in London)
1.5 Since 1952: Queen Elizabeth II is the symbolic Head of Commonwealth
1.5.1 Queen = monarch of 16 Commonwealth member states
1.6 Member states: no legal obligation to one another
1.7 Member states are united by language, history, culture, heritage
1.7.1 Share common values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter promoted by the Commonwealth Games (every 4 years)
2 History
2.1 Beginning of the decolonization of the British Empire (end of 19th century) marks the birth of the Commonwealth
2.2 Anglo-Irish Treaty (1929): "British Empire" finally substituted by "British Commonwealth of Nations"
2.3 1931: the British guranteed dominion status for their "white colonies" >> "Statute of Westminster"
2.3.1 Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland"
2.4 Dominion status states became self-governing states
2.4.1 still united by common allegiance to the crown
2.5 After World War II: only 14 British overseas territories left under governance of the British Crown
3 Strucure
3.1 Queen Elizabeth II = Head of Commonwealth
3.1.1 Nowadays only symbolic function
3.2 Commonwealth Heads of Government meet every two years
3.3 Commonwealth Secretariat: main intergovernmental agency of the Commonwealth with its seat in London
4 Objectives and Activities
4.1 Commonwealth objectives: first outlined in the Singapore Declaration (1971)
4.2 understands itself as an institution of world peace
4.3 promotion of representative democracy, individual liberty, pursuit of equality
4.4 opposition of racism
4.5 fight against poverty, disease and ignorance
4.6 free trade (although there's no common market
4.7 human rights
4.8 education
4.9 youth empowerment
4.10 social development of weaker countries
4.11 economic development aid
4.12 cultural values, traditions...
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