Environment- Climate Change / Global Warming

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Environment- Climate Change / Global Warming
  1. Climate Change
    1. Carbon Footprint
      1. reference to the total greenhouse gases emitted by someone / something
        1. most often measured in tons of CO2
        2. reduced carbon footprint = reduction in your negative impact on the environment
          1. there are both direct and indirekt forms of carbon emissions
            1. direct
              1. driving your car
              2. indirect
                1. using electricity inside your home (electricity is created somewhere else)
            2. Explanation
              1. The Earth's climate is driven by a continous flow of energy from the sun. Energy in the form of heat passes through the Earth's atmosphere and warms the Earth's surface.
                1. Some of this heat is absorbed by gases in the atmosphere, such as Carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane
                  1. As the temperature increases, the Earth sends heat energy (infrared radiation) back into the atmosphere
              2. Greenhouse effect
                1. Gases act as a blanket, trapping in the heat and preventing it from being reflected too far from the Earth. They keep the Earth's average temperature at about 15°C.
                  1. 15°C = warm enough to sustain life for humans, plants, animals
                    1. Without these gases: average temperature ~ -18°C >> too cold for most forms of life
                    2. Is a natural warming effect
                    3. Global Impact
                      1. some regions and seasons will become wetter, others drier
                        1. summer droughts become more intense
                          1. Trocial cyclones become more severe
                            1. cold weather: less frequent
                            2. Changes in atmosphere
                              1. Human activities have increased greenhouse gases
                                1. throws the climate system out of balance
                                2. rising levels of carbon dioxide >> likely to double by end of this century
                                  1. carbon dioxide = responsible for 60% of greenhouse warming
                                3. Geographical changes
                                  1. Glaciers melt
                                    1. Arctic sea-ice becomes thinner
                                      1. global sea levels rise
                                    2. vegetation zones will change and boundaries between the zones will shift
                                      1. human and animal diseases spread
                                        1. e.g. Malaria
                                          1. tropical / sub-tropical areas: rising risk of famines
                                            1. food production becomes harder
                                      2. natural disasters
                                        1. flooding
                                          1. forest fires
                                            1. heat waves
                                              1. storms / hurricanes
                                                1. food / water shortage
                                                  1. diseases
                                                2. counter-measures
                                                  1. carbon emission limits / cuts
                                                    1. development of alternative technologies
                                                      1. forms of renewable energy
                                                        1. changes in lifestyle
                                                      2. Global Warming
                                                        1. an increase in the earth's average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the greenhouse effect.
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