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Our Word

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Our world
1 What makes us human?
1.1 bodies- helps us move and grwos
1.2 Mind - think and decide
1.3 Emotion- make us react
1.4 Personalities- make us unique or different from other
1.5 Experience and influences -affects the kind of people we are and the decision we make
2 How was our world created?
2.1 Science - Big Bang
2.1.1 Universe began with a big band and is still expandind
2.1.2 As the gases cooled they formed together stars
2.1.3 Big Bang is a theory; some people belive that God caused it
2.2 Christian Creation
2.2.1 God made the world in six days and rested in the seventh, as it in the Bible
2.2.2 God made everything out of nothing; ex-nihilo
2.2.3 Some people believe it word by word
2.2.4 Some people believe that is not a full explanation of how it happened
2.3 Islam Creation
2.3.1 Allah the Al Khaliq created everything in 6 days, and did not rest on the next day
2.3.2 Created unseen being - Jinn
2.3.3 Iblus refused to bow down to Adam It was renamed to Shaytan and tempted Adam and Hawa to disobey Allah
3 Stewardship
3.1 A Rocha
3.1.1 International Christian environmental organization
3.1.2 Work to protect the earth educating farmers save endangered species combat climate change
3.1.3 They do it for God
3.1.4 Obedience - Adam and Eve were told to look after the world
3.1.5 They do it for justice, as the poor suffer most because of climate change
3.2 Chico Mendes
3.2.1 A Brazilian rubber tapper who cared for rain forest
3.2.2 Many forest were being destroyed for logging and cattle
3.2.3 He believe that he could earn income from the forest without destroying it
3.2.4 He led non-violent protests against deforestation
3.2.5 In 1988 cattle ranches stopped deforestation in the area, but Mendes was shot by the son of a cattle rancher
4 Animals
4.1 Science- Theory of evolution
4.1.1 theory of creation of life
4.1.2 Everything changes and adapts to the environment
4.1.3 God did not make the world
4.1.4 Humans are not special
4.1.5 Some people believe that this is how God created people
4.2 Christianity
4.2.1 Most people believe that animals can be used for medical experiments, and some that humans should care for them God is the creator of animals and humans Bible says that humans should respect God's creation Humans have authority and responsibilities with animals
4.3 Islam
4.3.1 Animals can be used for medical experiments and for food
4.3.2 Farmers should care for the animals God is the creator of animals and humans Qur'an says that animals have feelings and must be dedicated to God when killing them Story of Muhammad and the crying camel
5 Looking after the creation
5.1 Christians care for the creation because:
5.1.1 The creation is holy and sacred
5.1.2 Adam and Eve were given dominion and were told to look after the world
5.1.3 Stewardship- it is a Christian duty to leave the world in a better state
5.1.4 Parable of talents; do all you can to make the world a better place
5.2 Muslims should care for the environment because
5.2.1 Allah has give humans the role of Khalifah
5.2.2 The Ummah
5.2.3 The teaching of Shari'ah are to look after the creation
5.2.4 Will be judged on how well we looked after the earth
6 Why are we different from animals
6.1 Humanity – compassion, caring for others.
6.2 Intelligence – ability to think and reflect.
6.3 Morality – a sense of right and wrong.
6.4 Language – the ability to read and write languages.
6.5 Soul – spiritual part of humans that allows us to relate to God. (Hindus believe animals have souls too).
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