Religion and Medicine

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Religion and Medicine

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Religion and Medicine
1 How do religious people make decision about medical issues?
1.1 Look through their holy books
1.2 Remember important principles such as the 10 commandments
1.3 Discuss with other believer and faith leader
1.4 Pray and seek God's guidance
1.5 Think about the effects of their actions on those close to them
2 Sanctity of Life
2.1 Christianity
2.1.1 Life is a gift from God
2.1.2 Only God can decide when life should be ended God created life God has a plan for every human life It is wrong to kill
2.2 Islam
2.2.1 Everyone was created by Allah
2.2.2 Allah is the only one who has the right to give and take life
2.2.3 Allah has a plan for each life
2.2.4 Suicide is wrong
2.2.5 No one has the right to take anyone else's life Going against these teachings is shirk
3 Abortion
3.1 Christianity
3.1.1 Roman Catholics and Evangelical Protestants are against Sanctity of Life God has created life in the mother Life begins at conception Sixth Commandment - do not murder
3.1.2 Other Protestant Christians think that it is acceptable It may be the lesser of two evils Not allowing abortion causes too much suffering Life does not begin at conception Love your neighbour is the most important rule
3.2 Islam
3.2.1 Acceptable to some If the mother's life is at the risk because it may be the lesser of two evils Ensoulment only happens in the 120th day
3.2.2 Some are against Sanctity of life- only Allah can take life Qur'an says you should never kill your children Even before the soul enters the foetus a life is planned by Allah
4 Transplants
4.1 Christianity
4.1.1 Some think that it is wrong Sanctity of live; only god can decide who lives or dies Wrong to buy organs Doctors are trying to be God
4.1.2 Some think it is acceptable Love your neighbour Golden Rule Giving is a loving thing Organ are not needed after death You will be given a new body for heaven
4.2 Islam
4.2.1 Most don't agree Shariah law says nothing should be removed from body after death Its is playing God which is a sin Only God has the right to give or take life
4.2.2 Some agree Some Muslim lawyers have said it is allowed Islam aims to do good and help people UK Muslim law council of the United Kingdom has said it is acceptable to carry donor cards
5 Infertility
5.1 Christianity
5.1.1 Roman Catholics/some other Christians IVF is wrong It is not natural- God only intended for children to come from sex Any IVF involves throwing away some embryos which is the same as abortion Donated egg or sperm is like adultery
5.1.2 Other Christians accept Only if the egg and sperm are from the husband and wife New methods should be used to give children
5.2 Islam
5.2.1 Most accept IVF and AIH The egg and sperm are from the husband and wife All Muslims should have children to follow the example of the prophet who had children The unused embryos are not a life until they are 14 days old
5.2.2 Islam bans donation donation = adultery
6 Euthanasia
6.1 Christianity
6.1.1 Sanctity of life oppose to the practise
6.1.2 'Do not murder' commandment
6.1.3 Life is sacred and come from God; only God can decide when someone should die
6.1.4 Doctors are required to save lives not kill
6.1.5 Hospice movement cares for those dying Loros is the local hospice
6.2 Islam
6.2.1 Qur'an bans suicide
6.2.2 Sanctity of live forbid any form of euthanasia
6.2.3 Muhammad said that a Muslim soldier who committed suicide because he was dying a painful death on the battlefield would not be allowed into heaven.
6.2.4 Life is a test from God and so if you use euthanasia, you are cheating and won't pass the test.
7 Genetic Engineering
7.1 Christianity
7.1.1 Some support Jesus showed we should do all we can to cure diseases Genetic cures are like finding drug cures Embryos used are not a human life
7.1.2 Some are against If embryos are used and discarded it is murder It is playing God It is wrong to make Earth perfect as only heaven is perfect
7.2 Islam
7.2.1 Some support Qur'an and Hadith teaches that we should cure diseases Genetic cures are like normal drug cures Embryos used in genetic research are not a human life
7.2.2 Some are against Only God has the right to alter genetics Embryo research is the same as abortion It is shirk
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