John 3:10-16

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Notes for exegesis on John 3

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John 3:10-16
1 What happens before:
1.1 John 2- water into wine at wedding in Cana- 1/7 sign
1.1.1 John 2- Jesus clears the temple courts John 3- Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night John 3- Jesus speaks of rebirth to see the KofG
2 Verse 9/10
2.1 Clearly illustrates that Nicodemus (Leader of Jews) has not grasped the idea of being born again
2.2 Greek: Anothen- again or from above
2.3 Nicodemus' last question (Importance of rule of two)
2.4 Nicodemus should have had enough OT knowledge to understand new birth by the spirit (valley of dry bones Ezekiel 37)
2.5 Greek: The teacher- O Didaskalos
3 Verse 11
3.1 "Very truly"- "Amen Amen" in the original text
3.1.1 Functions here as solemn oath underlining the truth of Jesus' testimony (Lincoln, 2005)
3.2 You is singular- addressing Nicodemus specifically
3.2.1 but shifts to plural you- addressing Nicodemus as representative of Jewish nation
4 Verse 12
4.1 If Nicodemus is the leader/teacher of the Jews, and he does not understand, how will the Jews believe?
4.2 It would be useless to speak directly of heavenly things without an analogy to the earthly
5 Verse 13
5.1 'Son of Man' only comes from Jesus like in Synoptics - Mark 10:45
5.2 Shows heavenly origin of the son of man- Ascended & descended refer back to the incarnation (1:14)
6 Verse 14
6.1 Numbers 21:8- everyone who is bitten shall look and live
6.2 Verb "Lifting up" denotes lifting literally and exaltation in glory- Jesus is glorified by being crucified in this gospel- F.F. Bruce
7 Verse 15
7.1 Jesus is finally answering Nicodemus' question from verse 9
7.1.1 By spirit we can enter the Kingdom, because of the death and resurrection of the son of man
8 Verse 16
8.1 Introduction to God's purpose through Jesus
8.2 Recalls promise of the prologue (1:12-13)
8.3 God so loved the world- not the quantity of love for the world but in reflection to the gospels negative portrayal of the world.
8.4 Leads to samatrian woman as she is not a jew-the world is not just jews.
8.5 Only son- shows the sacrifice of love for the world, greatest gift- sacrifice is all the more because it is his only son.
9 What comes next? :-
9.1 Jesus carries his discourse following the theme of eternal life which introduces the theme of Judgement
9.1.1 John the Baptist reiterates Jesus' divinity which has been previously stated
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