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1 Policy Aims
1.1 Right the Wrongs of the Treaty of Versailles
1.2 Unite German Speakers
1.3 Gain Lebensraum (Living space) in the East (Poland and Russia)
2 The Saar
2.1 As agreed in the T of V, the Saar was returned to Germany after a vote
2.2 Hitler used this as propaganda:
2.2.1 90% of people in the Saar voted to rejoin Germany
2.3 Gave Hitler confidence to begin remilitarising the Rhineland
3 Military terms of the Treaty of Versailles?
3.1 Britain allowed Hitler to break the T of V by giving them 35% of British ships
3.1.1 Under the Anglo- German Naval Agreement in 1935
3.2 Introduced Conscription in 1935
3.2.1 After leaving League Disarmament Conference in 1933
3.3 Promised not to invade Poland for 10 years (1934)
3.3.1 Other countries let him rearm
4 Remilitarising the Rhineland
4.1 32,000 troops marched into the Rhineland
4.2 Hitler said it was the most nerve wracking thing he'd done
4.2.1 only just started to rearm
4.3 Military advisors told him NO
4.3.1 Ordered any soldiers to turn back if French resisted
4.4 League was busy dealing w/ Abyssinia
4.5 Rhineland was "their backyard" and the Treaty was too harsh
4.6 France wouldn't do anything because of an election, wanted Britain to give support
4.7 Hitler successfully broke the Treaty
4.7.1 Push for Anschluss
4.7.2 Mussolini impressed, signed Rome-Berlin Axis
4.7.3 Proved advisors wrong
5 Anschluss with Austria
5.1 Schussing asked for help due to riots and protests
5.1.1 Restore order by making Nazi Chief of Police
5.1.2 Plebiscite wouldn't happen because Hitler moved his troops to the border
5.1.3 Schussing resigned Nazis invited in 99.75% agreed to Anschluss
5.2 Action not taken because Hitler was invited in
5.2.1 Also 99,75% wanted Anschluss
5.3 feared communism more than Nazis
5.4 B & F sympathised with Germany
5.4.1 Austria is German Speaking
5.5 Hitler righted the wrongs of Versailles
5.5.1 Gained resources from Czechoslovakia which threatened Sudetenland
5.5.2 Rome- Berlin Axis meant Mussolini wouldn't stop him
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