Mail Etiquette

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Mail Etiquette
1 Be thoughtful and polite
1.1 Start every email with a greeting. Make sure to use an appropriate salutation.
1.2 Never forget to include a closing phrase at the end of the message, e.g. Best regards, Sincerely, or Thank you
1.3 Do not forward email messages without your personal comment or a short personal note; otherwise this may sound impolite.
2 Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation
2.1 Use a proper sentence structure in your email messages
2.2 Do not type your message in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
2.3 Avoid using informal words like "coz", "ain't", "gotta", etc.
3 Make it easy to read and understand your message
3.1 Use complete sentences
3.2 Include all necessary details
3.3 Make your message brief and to the point
4 Check it twice before you send
4.1 Before clicking Send, reread your email to make sure it is not emotionally charged or impolite.
4.2 Spell-check your message before sending
4.3 Make sure the Subject field in not empty

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