Science and Technology - Robotics

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Science and Technology - Robotics
1 Areas of Employment - Where are Robots used?
1.1 kitchens
1.2 security (e.g. surveillance cameras)
1.3 producing cars
1.4 space exploring
1.5 laboratory
1.6 packaging
1.7 agriculture
1.8 school
1.9 medicine
1.10 weaponry
2 Advantages
2.1 Cost
2.1.1 Robots are cheaper than their human counterparts and their costs are still decreasing
2.2 Abilities
2.2.1 Robotic abilities are growing
2.3 Productivity
2.3.1 Robots don't tire and can work very long hours without service or maintenance; they're more productive than people
2.4 Precision
2.4.1 Robots can be much more precise than humans
2.5 Strength
2.5.1 Robots are stronger than humans
2.6 Speed
2.6.1 robots work faster
2.7 Dangerous and Unwanted Work
2.7.1 robots can do jobs people are unwilling to do
3 Disadvantages
3.1 Jobs
3.1.1 People often loose their jobs because they're substituted through robots (e.g. in car industry). Robots have eradicated a wide range of middle class jobs
3.2 Limited Functionality
3.2.1 Robots are very good at doing perfectly defined jobs, but they cannot react spontaneously and don't think.
3.3 Lack of Emotions or Conscience
3.3.1 Robots cannot show any emotions; this limits how robots can help and interact with people
3.4 Dangerous
3.4.1 Wether robots are malfunctioning or designed for warfare, robots can be very hazardous to people.
4 Artificial Intelligence
4.1 Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior.
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