Evaluation Plan Overview

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An evaluation plan for Disability Issues

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Evaluation Plan Overview
1 Film Analysis 10%
1.1 Each student will review a movie that portrays a disability, and present their review and analysis in a written report.
2 Online Support Group 10%
2.1 Each student will locate, join and participate in an online discussion group devoted to a specific disability. The "locating and joining" must happen in the first 2 weeks of the course, so you have adequate time to participate in the group before compiling a summary report of the experience.
3 Media File 20%
3.1 Scrapbook 15%
3.1.1 In teams of 3, students compile a media scrapbook which should include 25 current media items which refer to PWD.
3.2 Summary Analysis 5%
3.2.1 Individually, each student will submit 2-3 typed pages in APA format that discusses the portrayal of disabilities in the media.
4 Tests 30%
4.1 There will be 2 tests. Tests will be completed in class and content will be derived from class discussions, debates/panels and reading. Test format will be multiple choice, T/F, and short answers.
5 Debate/Panel 30%
5.1 Presubmission 5%
5.1.1 2-3 page overview of your debate / panel + your annotated* bibliography.
5.2 Written Report 15%
5.2.1 Individually, students submit 4-6 typed pages report , plus annotated bibliography. This is due one week after the in-class presentation
5.3 In-class Presentation 10%
5.3.1 Students participate in a debate/ panel of their choice
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