impacts of tourism on rural areas

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impacts of tourism on rural areas
1 when tourists visit rural areas they leave behind rubbish. currently in Dartmoor national park, the current cost of disposing of litter collected is around £20,000 per annum
2 70% of countryside day visits take place in spring and summer meaning roads travelling towards them can be busy. public transport provision is also limited in rural areas
3 £30,000 has been handed out to communities in the new forest to support improvements to local open spaces in the national park. this has been made possible due to the increase in income from tourism
4 this particularly occurs during the spring and summer due to 70% of countryside visits taking then. lots of tourists are informed on how to respect the local area
5 70% of the countryside day visits take place in the spring and summer and 7% take place in the winter months. this means that teh majority of direct jobs are only seasonal as they are not needed in the winter. for example resturants will employ additional members of staff to cope with the increase in tourists in the summer
6 national parks are a highly desirable areas in which to live due to the beautiful countryside and demand for holiday homes. house prices are on average 21% higher in national parks. this makes it difficult for local people to purchase houses in their home towns
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