Characteristics Of a Plant

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plants life characteristics

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Characteristics Of a Plant
  1. Traits
    1. Eukaryotes
      1. Has membrane-bound organelles.
        1. examples: mosses, conifers
      2. Multicellular
        1. having or consisting of many cells.
          1. examples: algae, kelp
          2. Producer
            1. an organism, either a green plant or bacterium, which is part of the first level of a food chain.
              1. Examples: plants, algae
          3. Adaptations
            1. Protection: To survive in their environment.
              1. Examples: wild strawberry, onion bulb
              2. Support: To help them grow & develop.
                1. Examples: Apple Tree, Mango Tree
                2. Transportation: To stay alive, they need to transport materials like food, water and oxygen.
                  1. Examples: Tree, Flowers
                  2. Reproduction: To make more copies of itself in an environment.
                  3. Classification
                    1. Nonvascular: any of numerous plants of the division Bryophyta
                      1. Vascular
                        1. Seedless Plants: Reproduce by means of spores
                          1. Examples: Ferns, Club Mosses
                          2. Seed Plants: Any plant that reproduces by means of seeds.
                            1. Examples: Sunflower, Cycad
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