Multimedia Basic Concepts

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Multimedia Basic Concepts
  1. Multimedia
    1. Combined use of several media, such as video, images, music etc
      1. Multimedia origin is dated since 1975 with the first marketed personal computer
        1. Used since thousands years ago.
        2. Video
          1. Images
            1. Music
          2. Multimedia Basic Concepts
            1. Message as content
              1. Message Impact
              2. Thinking Process
                1. Human Mind Study
                2. Interactive multimedia and hypermedia
                  1. Compositions, hyperlinks
                  2. Usablity and Accesibility
                    1. Easy to learn, efficient.
                    2. Design Elements
                      1. Space, line shape...
                      2. Visual Organization
                        1. Proximity, similarity, simmetry...
                        2. Color
                          1. Important visual element
                          2. Text
                            1. Easy to understand.
                            2. Image
                              1. Stimulates sight
                              2. Audio
                                1. This complements visual experience
                                2. Video
                                  1. Heavier than other files.
                                  2. Animation
                                    1. Moving images
                                  3. Social Impact
                                    1. Multimedia has several impacts in society.
                                      1. Education
                                        1. Work
                                          1. Food
                                            1. Services
                                              1. Internet
                                            2. Author Rights
                                              1. Human right, 27th says:
                                                1. "Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author."
                                              2. Communication Process
                                                1. Science to communication process.
                                                  1. Sender
                                                    1. Who creates the message
                                                    2. Message
                                                      1. The information sent
                                                      2. Receiver
                                                        1. Who receives the message
                                                        2. The way
                                                          1. Way you send a message
                                                      3. How to make a good design?
                                                        1. Space
                                                          1. Distance between objects
                                                          2. Line
                                                            1. A dot in movement
                                                            2. Shape
                                                              1. Figure made of lines
                                                              2. Texture
                                                                1. Visible and touchable characteristics.
                                                                2. Color
                                                                  1. Object attribute
                                                                  2. Message
                                                                    1. Information transmitted
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