Othello: Love and Relationships

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Othello: Love and Relationships
1 Patriarchy
1.1 Women= possessions of men
1.1.1 Men= obsessed w/ chastity of women
1.2 Morality= legislated by property & belongings
1.2.1 Richer= could dictate the laws
1.3 Shakespeare inverts social construct of older men marrying younger women (?)
2 Progression of Love & Relationships
2.1 Othello & Desdemona's love becomes corrupt
2.1.1 Love= Desdemona's demise
2.2 Iago's façade regarding relationships acts as a warning of blind trust in the play
3.1 Brabantio
3.1.1 "O, thou foul thief, where hast thou stowed my daughter" Possession Objectification of women Social heirarchy (A1,S2)
3.1.2 "Damned as thou art... That weaken motion" (A1,S2) Spiritual language= lexicon of discontent caused in contemporary audience Relationship between race & supernatural
3.1.3 "If she in chains of magic were not bound" (A1,S2) Possessive nature of men Relationship between Bants & O changes Professional vs personal relationship questioned
3.2 Roderigo
3.2.1 "I confess it is my shame to be so fond, but it is not in my virtue to amend it" (A1,S1) Weak character; blind following of emotions= susceptible to manipulation from Iago
3.3 Iago
3.3.1 "For that I do suspect... wife for wife" (A2,S1) His actions= X solely fuelled by actions of others, but also his own feelings & connections
3.4 Othello
3.4.1 "O curse of marriage... Even then this forked plague is fated to us/ when we do quicken" (A3,S3) Common mistrust of women Forces audience to side with Othello in that Des is cheating Illuminates juxtapositions in men's perceptions of women
3.4.2 "All kinds of sores and shames... or else dries up" (A4,S2) Dual metaphor- fountain for heart, heart for love Corruptive nature of love Heart (love)= vital organ; x live w/o Questions blind following of love & price of corrupt love
3.5 Emilia & Desdemona (Women)
3.5.1 E: "O, who hath done this? D: Nobody. I myself. Farewell" D fears lack of love from O Importance of love within humanity D's response= used to highlight/ convey the common, contemporary views
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