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Linking words para FCE Cambridge B2

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1 Giving examples
1.1 For example, ...
1.2 For instance, ...
1.3 ..., such as...
1.4 ..., to illustrate...
1.5 ..., as an illustration...
1.6 ..., to demonstrate...
1.7 ..., like...
1.8 ..., specially...
1.9 ..., in particular...
2 Adding information
2.1 positive addition
2.1.1 ...and...
2.1.2 Both X and Y plural verb
2.1.3 both of X X = the... these... those... my..., etc
2.1.4 Either...or... Either+sing. noun+or+plural noun+plural verb Either John or his friends are going to the beach today Either+sing. noun+or+sing. noun+sing. verb Either John or Bill is going to the beach today.
2.1.5 either of... (the..., these.., etc) sing. verb Neither of the books is exactly what I want
2.1.6 ...also... We also speak about marketing I can also play the piano = to start a sentence In addition,... In addition to this...
2.2 negative addition
3 Contrasting ideas
3.1 While (a pesar de, pese a)
3.1.1 While my sister has blue eyes, mine are brown
3.2 Whereas (mientras que)
3.2.1 Taxes have gone up, whereas social security contributions have gone down
3.3 unlike (a diferencia de)
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